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Rosy Day Nursery is situated along Ifield road in Leacroft, West Green, Crawley. Until 1st of October 2020, it was known as Crawley. The nursery is on the main busy Ifield road close to Crawley hospital, Crawley/Ifield train stations, Asda and other local stores, Bus Stops, Local Church and West Green school. Our nursery was registered with office for standards in education, children‘s services and skills (OFSTED) and operated in accordance with statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (EYFS). Children from local and neighbouring communities are attending our nursery as we value equality, inclusion and diversity whereby everyone is welcome irrespective of ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, race and sexual orientation.

Our opening times are 7:30-6:30 Monday to Fridays excluding bank/public holidays for 51 weeks in a year and we close for 1 week at Christmas/New Year.

Rosy Day Nursery is a safe, clean and well-ventilated storey building which has been in use as a day nursery since 2016 with a very large car park for parents, staff and visitors. Our outdoor area provides fresh air and further learning for children development, whereby different resources are provided for children with practitioners’ support and supervision. This is to ensure that what children learnt in the room continue in the garden while new ideas, skills and interest are observed through the outdoor exploration. An additional facility is provided for parents to keep the buggies or car seat for children easy daily transportation to and from the nursery. (Buggies and car seat are not allowed overnight at nursery).

Our children are from ages 3 months to 5-year olds. There are different rooms across age groups whereby practitioners with a variety of childcare qualifications and experiences are providing day to day activities and care for children. Each child’s uniqueness and abilities are valued in the provision of activities and support. We work with our local authority and parents for children observations, planning and assessment.as parents’ observations, suggestions and contributions alongside advice/recommendations from the local authority early year advisors enable us to extend children learning and development.

Children are offered hot meals from experienced management and nursery chef who understand children‘s welfare and manage allergy by ensuring all information about dietary requirements are obtained from parent of each child. Children with special education and language difficulties are also monitored by our experienced and highly qualified nursery special education needs coordinator (SENCO). (Please see our local offer for further information on Special support). We work with external professionals to support parents and provide suitable recommendations to alleviate or improve learning difficulties and impairments.

To enhance safeguarding of children and staff, CCTV cameras are positioned inside and outside the building; while finger print biometric are provided for parents and staff to gain access in to the nursery. Furthermore, all members of Staff have attended different trainings on safeguarding, managing behaviour, health and safety of children. There are health and safety certified designated lead and certified designated safeguarding lead available at all times who ensure daily safety of everyone.

Hakeem and Modinat Adeoye (Nursery Directors)

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