Covid-19 Precautions

Precautions against covid-19 infection

  • Finger print and Buggy shed ……. Shut
  • Hand sanitiser provided at the entrance before pressing bell .
  • Parents to press bell or phone call on arrival & wait for a staff member
  • Staff will attend to one parent at a time of dropping & picking up
  • Staff will collect & drop the child in the room before coming for another child ………one child at a time
  • Parent wait in their car or stay far to 2m social distance while dropping and picking up till when one of our staff comes out
  • One parent of a child at a particular time
  • Child ‘s bag & spare clothes to be brought to nursery once in a week
  • Collect bags at the end of child’s week or weekly sessions
  • Dirty clothes will be given to parents at hand over time
  • Home lunch will be collected at the entrance for children with packed meals
  • Staff members wash hands as often as possible instead of gloves at meal times with the use of hand sanitiser provided in the room for additional precautions
  • Parents covering their face with mask when dropping off and picking up their child
  • Children wash hands on arrival, after tolietting, before and after meal /snack times
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