Special Educational Needs and disability

At Rosy day nursery equality, inclusion and diversity are the main focus for all children to achieve their full potentials. Children have the right to quality education, support and good environment that provides suitable resources and enabling environment that will alleviate or minimise the difficulties that can hinder their learning progress and development.

As soon as children place is confirmed, parents are partner in working with us by providing regular and appropriate information from home. Where we believe a child may have additional needs that have previously been acknowledged, we will share the information with the child’s key person and other staff members including appropriate external professionals such as; health visitors, speech and language therapist, portage, paediatric nurses or doctors to establish if any additional actions are required.

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to enable every child make full use of the nursery facilities as all children have a full right to a broad and well -balanced early learning environment. Therefore, it is paramount to find out as much as possible about those needs by:

  • Liaising with other external professionals
  • Attending reviews and meetings with the local authority / professionals
  • Regularly share information with parents and provide support for parents’ home observations
  • Regularly observe and monitor each child’s development


  1. A staff member is designated as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
    (See roles and responsibilities of SENCO). SENCO attends regular trainings to improve practice through external agencies and local authority. A staff member is assigned to each child as key person who will work with parents from settling in sessions till when the child leaves the nursery or moves to school.

  2. Staff to recognise each child’s individual needs after reviewing child’s observations from home and share appropriate information with SENCO of any needs that have not been met with regard to Special Educational Needs Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of any needs not being met.

  3. The child‘s key person shares the needs with other practitioners to ensure appropriate provision for children with special education needs and/or disabilities (after parents’ consent confirmation).

  4.  Include equality of access and inclusion in the admission policy.

  5. Provide suitable environment for children and adults with disabilities.

  6. Provide differentiated activities to meet all individual needs and disabilities.

  7. Review Individual support plans regularly with the child’s key person and parents to enable appropriate response.

  8. Share children‘s learning progress with all nursery and external practitioners and work with parents to discuss progress, observations and recommendations.

  9. SENCO keeps appropriate records according to the Code of Practice.

  10. Key person and the nursery SENCO will work together to plan for children who require early help plans with support and advice from the Local Authority.

Local Offer

Information to parents: SEND LOCAL OFFER

Rosy day nursery Crawley works with parents from when they join us till when their child is going to school. We support children’s progress by planning activities from their interests and how they like to learn. All children from babies to pre-school are supported to move forward by providing inclusive activities that make children feel at home. We also work closely with parents, local authority early years advisors, health visitors and other professionals from health sectors to ensure that all children are within their learning stage.

Questions for Educational Setting (from the parent/carer’s point of view):

How does Rosy day nursery know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

All staff at Rosy day nursery have knowledge of supporting children by planning, observing and assessing children from the settling in sessions to ensure that each child’s learning is monitored from their interest. Parents are encouraged to share information about their child in the registration form before the start date and these information will be shared with the key person during settling in sessions to enable us plan and prepare suitable activities, resources and environment.

How will Rosy day nursery staff support my child?

Each child is unique and their ways of learning are different, as soon as the parents confirm the nursery place, a staff member will be assigned as key person .The staff will be working with the child’s parent to plan activities and observe their learning progress around home and nursery observations weekly. Our Special Educational needs coordinator (SENCO) and other management staff are also involved in all children’s progress by checking, observing and providing different opportunities from when the child starts our nursery till when they are ready for school by using different documents and attending further trainings to support children more.

We liaise with the early year advisor from West Sussex local authority through (Children learning and well-being audit) for termly review of observations, progress and assessment of children with special education needs and disabilities. This has helped us to work in partnership with parents in different ways, such as; monitoring attendance, speech and language recommendations, health & safety, children independence (feeding using cutleries, potty training, playing and exploring).

Our special education needs coordinator (SENCO) has attended training on how to support children in early years till school age as well as inclusion, equalities and diversity while all staff are trained and supported through internal and external trainings including daily conversation to enable them understand how to prevent children from harm by providing early intervention as soon as any needs are noticed.

All staff members and child’s key person share information with the SENCO for internal support. Our SENCO understands when and how to liaise with other agencies such as health visitor, social, communication clinic coordinator, speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, paediatric nurse and SEN case workers for further support and recommendations .

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

Rosy day nursery monitor the child’s progress by planning activities around child’s interest and if our observations show that your child is below his/her age group, the child’s key person will discuss with the SENCO and other members of staff for co-ordinated internal approach before sharing the concerns with our local authority adviser from children and family services to ensure best outcomes for the child. From our next steps we provide fun and stimulating activities centred around the child’s interest.

How is the decision made about support we are giving to all children at Rosy day nursery?

At Rosy day nursery, we involve parents/ carers in their child’s learning journey from the first day the child starts, parents will complete a settling in booklet about their child and suggest any areas they are concerned about. These information help us to plan activities that will develop the children’s learning. On top of this, after reviewing the child’s progress we share potential next steps and areas for development to enable us collaborate both nursery and home observations to plan suitable activities for children. Additional information will be required from parents If there have been any recommendations and support prior to starting the nursery.

Who to call if you need further information at Rosy day nursery Crawley?

Our Nursery Manager & Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Modinat Adeoye / deputy manager are available for any enquiries about your concerns. You can contact us on 01293532171 or by email [email protected]


Parents can ask us for any information about our local children and family services through the details below:

Website: www.westsussex.gov.uk/family

Telephone: 01243777807

Email: [email protected]

Admission Policy


We operate inclusion and equality policy whereby children from different race, sexual orientation, religion or belief and cultural backgrounds are welcome at Rosy Day Nursery. Admission is subject to availability of spaces in each room and also staff availability is considered before confirmation of a place. This help us to provide quality of education and support for all children and parents whilst in our care. Details about both parents will be required during the registration process to enable us know who has the parental responsibilities on that child. Records of each child are kept in a secure cupboard where the details of child and their parents are documented and confidential. Separated family are required to disclose any restrictions or court order to enable Rosy Day Nursery has appropriate information of each child for adequate support.

Respond to parents’ requests through email, telephone calls and face-face contacts.

Rosy Day Nursery provides flexible sessions and days that suit parents schedule with consideration of staffing arrangement and available spaces in each room. We will try as much as possible to accommodate parents’ wishes especially for government funded places.

Parents will complete and return the registration and confirm my place forms prior to child attending nursery. Once confirmation of place is received, management will contact the parent to arrange for child settling sessions. During this session, child key person and parent will meet to share home observations that will help the child to settle at nursery and help the key person to provide supports for child smooth transition to nursery.

Personal details of child, parents and emergency contact person must be provided including doctor’s contact, vaccination and allergy information.

The management will ensure all sections on the registration form are provided by parents and these information are confidential which are kept securely in a locked cupboard/cabinet, sometimes updated as required by parents.
Further information can be found on our terms and conditions.

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